Here are answers to some of the questions that I often get about traveling.

  1. Why do you travel so much?
    Traveling is an interest of mine. I want to be able to see as many of the interesting things that our world has to offer in person.

  3. How many trips do you take in a year?
    It varies, but typically anywhere from 4 to 8, depending on the trip duration, as well as the distance of the destination. This includes domestic (US) and international trips.

  5. How many vacation days do you have to schedule this many trips?
    I get about 15 days per year to use freely, along with 10 national holidays, and use anywhere from 10-15 days of vacation time.

  7. How long are your trips typically?
    They last anywhere from 10-13 days normally, though I have taken shorter trips than that. My longest trip since I’ve started working has been 17 days.

  9. Who do you travel with?
    I almost always travel with my parents, because we have compatible traveling styles.

  11. Do you ever travel solo?
    Occasionally, yes, but only to limited places. It’s usually cheaper to travel in a small group.

  13. Do you travel for work?
    I used to several years ago, but I don’t now.

  15. How do you have the money for all these trips?
    Since traveling is a priority for me, I set aside money every year for a few trips. Additionally, I travel in a small group (with my parents) to split the costs. I also sign up for travel rewards credit cards (within reason) to help offset some of the pricier portions of the trip, like staying in prime locations to be near sites.

  17. Do you do cruises?
    Technically, yes, but they were either day cruises or ships with no more than 150 people. I’m not a fan of large cruise liners (aka the ones that you see going to the Caribbean), so I don’t do those.

  19. Why don’t you like the large cruise liners?
    It’s a travel style preference. There’s nothing wrong with them, but I like being able to be immersed in a place, where I’m visiting and photographing sites very early in the morning or very late at night. I’m not sure that I’d have that option with cruises.