Life in modern day world especially in America is full of stress. We’re stretched in many directions at work and also in our personal lives to the point that we feel burned out frequently and desire a break, or better yet, a vacation. We have seen at least one study or news report and heard from health professionals the benefits of taking a break and recharging. The problem? Time. And it certainly doesn’t helpthat we have limited vacation time.
That poses a problem for many of us, and especially those who love to travel to see the world and all of its wonders (and use it as an opportunity to recharge). We could see a good number of places in long weekends, but that can become quite costly, and it is inefficient to go to the same place particularly if your travel bucket list is long.
The engineer in me saw this problem as an opportunity to find solutions – I wanted to optimize traveling. What does that mean exactly? Given that I have limited vacation time every year, I want to see as much as I can and do as much as I can, within a reasonable budget without going into debt (after all, who wants to do something that will add more stress to our already stressful lives?).
So, there are two goals for this blog. The first goal is to provide resources and information to make your trip an amazing one that maximizes local sightseeing and activities within a reasonable budget and your limited vacation time. The second goal is to help reduce the time and stress required for planning amazing trips.
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