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Myanmar: Inle Lake

Introduction I mentioned on the Myanmar page that if you had to choose what to keep and what to cut from your Myanmar trip, to keep Inle Lake. It is an incredible place and there are a couple of reasons […]

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Myanmar: Mandalay

Introduction Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar. Much of Mandalay’s history involves either the current city or its surrounding areas – Sagaing, Inwa, and Amarapura – being the capital of the region or the country. In fact, it […]

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Myanmar: Bagan

Introduction Bagan (buh-gahn), formerly known as Pagan, is famous for the archaeological ruins. An estimated 10,000 temples and pagodas were built in Bagan, though only 2200 remain today. Many of the pagodas that still stand today have fallen victim to […]

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Myanmar: Yangon

Introduction Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is the biggest city in Myanmar. It used to be the capital of Myanmar for much of the 20th century, until 2005. Yangon has had many outside influences over the centuries – the British, […]

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Trip made in January 2017 Introduction Myanmar was full of surprises. Other than knowing that it was formerly known as Burma, and that there was an oppressive regime for a good many years, I didn’t know much about Myanmar. In […]


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Hotels Best Western Chinatown, Yangon My stay at the Best Western hotel in Yangon’s Chinatown was pleasant. The room was wonderful – they provided the standard bathroom amenities and it was nice that there was both a shower and a […]


Balancing new jobs and traveling

I started a new job recently, and in trying to learn the ropes and adjust to the new environment, I haven’t had a chance to think about traveling (well, lock down travel plans anyway).  But, it reminded me of this […]

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Greece: Trip Details – Cyclades

The Cyclades refers to most of the Greek islands, the ones that we associate with having the white houses and warm weather. Most of the Greek islands in the Mediterranean are part of the Cyclades. Although there are over 220 islands in the […]

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Greece: Trip Details – Athens

General Tips [expand title = “Accommodations”] Reserve your accommodations as close to the sites as your budget will allow. It saves time and is safer, if you’re returning back late at night. Most of the sites are clustered around Acropolis, […]