Kandy is one of the historical cities in Sri Lanka, though it’s also transitioning into a modern city. It’s best known for its temples, particularly Sri Dalada Maligawa, and botanical gardens. About an hour outside Kandy, there are a series of tea plantations, all the way into Nuwara Eliya.

I didn’t get to visit all of the main points of interest in Kandy; I saw Maligawa and skipped the Botanical Gardens as we were short on time.

Disclaimer: My trip to Kandy was a day trip, and so I didn’t stay here.

Unfortunately, none of the sites are clustered in one area so if you’re going to stay overnight in Kandy, it’s best to stay near around the Bogambara Lake (aka Kandy Lake), on the City Centre side. The City Centre is located near the Maligawa Temple, but the reason I recommend staying near there is because they have the most restaurants and a couple of foreign ATMs in walkable distance. Additionally, Kandy traffic congests easily, and is exacerbated by the one-way streets around City Centre. As a bonus, you can also stroll around Kandy Lake in the evening.

Just for reference, I would’ve picked the Queen’s Hotel to stay in Kandy if I stayed in Kandy because of its location. It is the closest hotel to the Maligawa Temple, and within walkable distance to the City Centre.
There’s not anything different to say about transportation into and around Kandy that differs from the Transportation section in the Sri Lanka page.
There are a few options for local and Chinese food at restaurants, and also KFC and Pizza Hut, if you’re craving fast food. Fast food is approximately USD 5-6. The cost of meals at hotel restaurants isn’t too pricey (approximately USD 7-8), so I would recommend that.
Credit card acceptance is very poor. There are two or three ATMs near the Maligawa Temple, but if I recall correctly, only one accepts foreign ATM cards.
Even though Kandy is cooler due to its elevation, it is still pretty warm.
Carry hand sanitizer with you, and be mindful of where you step in the temples. There’s sometimes puddles of water that aren’t easy to see and are slippery and parts of the grounds are dark and therefore hot.


Cost: Rs. 1500 for non-SAARC nationalities. Rs. 1000 for SAARC nationalities. Free for locals (cultural/anthropological section Rs. 10 for locals, free for foreigners).

Hours: 5:30 AM – 8PM

Time to spend: 3-4 hours.


This is a Palace and Buddhist Temple that houses a reliquary: the Buddha’s tooth. It’s a large palace and temple, which has been sectioned off into several small museums, including an archaeological museum, and a cultural/anthropological section on the two floors above the ground floor. There are also a couple of Hindu temples nearby that are part of the grounds as well, though they don’t require the entrance ticket. Other than the reliquary itself, there’s also a section where the story of Buddha’s life is told in paintings, and the history of the reliquary through the ages also in paintings.

Other pertinent information:

Shoes need to be deposited in a shoe booth near the ticket counter. Socks are ok, but they’re going to get very dirty because a good deal of walking is done outside, between the different complexes. If you decide to walk barefoot, be careful of how hot the ground gets and sharp edges, nails, etc.

Verdict: Worth it – Don’t miss.

Other Sites

There are a couple of other smaller temples that I ended up not visiting – Lanktilaka and Gadaladeniya. I’m not sure whether they’re worth going to, but obviously, if you don’t have a lot of time, I’m sure skipping these isn’t as bad as skipping Maligawa.

There are also two parks in and around Kandy: The Royal Botanical Garden and the Royal Palace Park. The Royal Botanical Garden is the largest Botanical Garden in Sri Lanka. I opted to skip this because my interest in Botanical Garden is limited (it would really have to have something special to pique my interest), and also because we were short on time because our driver had got lost in Kandy before we got to Maligawa.


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